Schooner Zodiac | Sailing Vacations | San Juan IslandsBuilt in 1924 as a private luxury yacht for the Johnson and Johnson Heirs. Designed by William Hand Jr., she was built at Hodgson Brother’s Shipyard in E. Boothesbay ME. The schooner Zodiac was modeled after the American Fishing Schooners, popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The Zodiac is a gaff-rigged Schooner. She has a main top mast but does not currently fly topsails. She is Coast Guard-certified to carry up to twenty six passengers on overnight cruises; and forty nine passengers for day sails.

In 1984 the Schooner Zodiac was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by The United States Department of The Interior.

The Schooner Zodiac is a Coast Guard certified charter vessel. She sails with a licensed captain, first mate and experienced crew. The Schooner Zodiac takes passengers on windjammer voyages throughout Puget Sound, the U.S. San Juan’s and Canadian Gulf Islands, as well as excursions into Desolation Sound.

Length on deck: 127 feet
Length sparred: 160 feet
Width of Beam: 26 feet
Draft: 16 feet
Height of main mast: 127 feet
Sail area: 7,000 + sq. feet
Engine: 450 HP Caterpillar Diesel
Hull Speed: 13 knots
Gross tonnage: 147 tons
Member of ASTA
Member Vessel: Pacific Northwest Schooner Association

For more information on our public cruises, day sails,
private charters, weddings or special events,
call us at 206.719.7622
or visit online at www.schoonerzodiac.com

Schooner Zodiac is a U.S. Coast Guard Certified vessel.


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