Spike Africa

Spike Africa |  Sailing Yacht Charters | San Juan IslandSpike was built in 1977 in Costa Mesa, CA. Her designer, builder and original owner, Bob Sloan, was a prominent skipper, a shipwright and a leading figure in the working boat industry of the Pacific Ocean. Bob designed her after the iconic freighting schooners of two hundred years ago that are
her forbearers and named her for his friend and mentor, Spike Africa, the self-proclaimed “President of the Pacific Ocean”.

She is the last coasting schooner with a proud history of carrying America’s goods across the world’s oceans. Her every detail combines beauty and grace with sturdy seaworthiness.
She starred in the 1990 film “Joe vs. the Volcano”, and has appeared in the television shows “Baywatch” and “Hotel”, and numerous national advertising campaigns.

Length on deck: 62 feet
Length sparred: 79 feet
Width of Beam: 15.5 feet
Draft: 8.5 feet
Engine: 150 HP Detroit Diesel 6-71
Hull Speed: 11 knots
Gross tonnage: 43 tons
Member Vessel: Pacific Northwest Schooner Association

Contact information:
Spike Africa
685 Spring Street, box 122 Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Email: schoonersnorth@gmail.com



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