Schooner Mycia | Sailboat ChartersBuilt entirely by hand in the Pacific Northwest, the Mycia was designed and lofted in Port Townsend, Washington, by Jim Franken and Robert Prothero at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in 1981. Assembly began in the Maher Family’s backyard after ten years of stockpiling materials

The Maher Family launched the Mycia in 1997. She entered the water and embarked on her maiden voyage north along the Inside Passage to Alaska without masts, sails or rigging. Now completely outfitted with full sails, the Mycia is the accomplishment of a lifelong dream realized through the hard work and vision of a family effort.

The Mycia is nicely designed for individual and family adventures. Her traditional outfitting mixed with modern amenities makes cruising aboard the Mycia a unique experience for all ages. Routes include the San Juan Islands, the Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska.

SailMycia, Inc.

PO Box 717
Port Townsend, WA 98368


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