Motor Vessel David B

Northwest Navigation Co. | Motor Vessel David B | Small Ship CruisesThe Motor Vessel David B was Built in 1929 as a cannery tender for Libby McNeill and Libbey’s salmon operations in Bristol Bay Alaska. She was built to tow the sailing fishing boats to the fishing grounds when there was a rule that prevented fishermen from using engines in their boats. After the rule changed in 1951 and people could fish in powerboats, the David B became obsolete and spent then next next thirty years in a cradle on the beach. She was brought to Seattle in 1981. In 1998 she was purchased by her current owners, Capt. Jeffrey and Christine Smith to restore her as a passenger boat. After an eight-year restoration project, their company Northwest Navigation Co. began operations in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage and Alaska.

About the David B:

Length: 65 Feet
Beam: 16 Feet
Draft: 7 Feet
Engine: Washington Iron Works – 3 Cylinder – 100 horsepower
Hull: 2 1/4″ Douglas Fir
Frames: 3″x4″ Oak and Fir
Built: 1929
Shipyard: Lake Washington Shipyards, Kirkland, WA.

Contact Information:

Northwest Navigation Co.
PO Box 1431
Bellingham, WA.  98227
877-670-7863 or 360-201-8183
Christine Smith


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